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How to get your house ready for the shoot!


Lights add tremendously to good photos and video. Despite the fact that we will bring in lighting, we ask you turn all your lights on and raise all the blinds in your windows.

Staging and Clutter:

Less is more is a great approach to take when staging and decluttering your home.

For kitchens, we recommend:

1. Removing most countertop kitchen appliances(e. g. leave one expresso maker).

2. Remove all clothes from the stove and sink.

3. If it is visually pleasing, leave out one kitchen.

4. Ensure all the countertops are clean and wiped down.


1. Remove all soaps and shampoos from the shower.

2. If it is visually pleasing, leave out one bathroom soap.

3. Limit towels that are hung up on towel hooks. We use wide-angle lenses, and oftentimes large towels can look massive in the shots.

4. Remove all toothbrushes, hairdryers etc.


1. Make sure all beds are made.

2. Remove all dirty laundry etc.

3. Clean surfaces and remove personal items, personal photos, jewelry etc.

While the shoot is happening:

We respectfully ask the home to be vacated so we can go in and do our thing as time efficiently as possible!

Where can you put all the things we don't want in the shoot??

Closets! We don't shoot closets so they are a fantastic place to put things that we don't want in the shot like dog food bowls, access kitchen accessories, shoes etc.

If this isn't an option in your home, we just ask you to consolidate all the things into one bedroom, and we will shoot that room last.

How long will it take?

If your home is under 1,600 Sf, we will take about 1 hour for the shoot. If your house is above 1,600 Sf, we will take around 1 1/2 hours for the shoot.



Our Videos



We were pretty emotional when we decided to sell and list our home. Knowing that everyone searching homes on a Real Estate site is going to see

every square inch of your personal space is a little intimidating.

Pictures are everything and say it all.

Ben, we are so grateful you worked your magic with your camera and video that promoted the successful and speedy sale of our home.

You are a totally awesome photographer and we would highly recommend you.

- Guy and Dianne Martine

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